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Bertrand-Votre partenaire de vos projets digitaux
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"Do you have a unique idea or challenge that requires a tailored digital solution? Unsure about the best approach or tools to use? That's where I come in."


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Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Appgyver
  • Flutterflow
  • Firebase
  • Google
  • Supabase

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Got an idea that can transform your business but don't know where to start?

I design and develop high-performing mobile and web applications to help you bring your vision to life.

Automation via API

Optimize Every Second

Time is a precious commodity. Don't waste it doing repetitive tasks manually. Automation via API allows for the integration of your favorite systems and services to craft a seamless, automated workflow. Focus on what truly matters.

Some Projects

What They Say About Our Collaboration

Trust and success are built hand in hand. Here's what those I've had the pleasure to work with are saying.

"A l’écoute et réactif. Merci. "

Jean Vigile J.


" Super Travail ! Merci à Bertrand "

Esteban M.

Breizh Agrimat

" Thank you very much! If i have any trouble with the Appgyver you will be the first one i send a message to "

Erkka K.

Coherent Corp. 

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